Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trevor Meets Santa!

Trevor got to meet Santa today. He had a dress rehearsal with the big guy at daycare yesterday. He was sure giving him concerned looks! I had had every expectation of a picture of him crying...
He was all smiles and giggles when he got plopped down on Santa's lap next to his cousins, much to my surprise.

Then they had me take him off so that Jackson and Mason could get their shots in. That is when it got a little dicey... Next came Trevor's solo shots...Suffice to say, he wasn't amused. He wasn't as confident on his own, I'm afraid.

Oh, well. I love it still. It sure will be fun to tease him with later. (P.S. Brian thinks I am creepy for wanting to recreate Trevor's outfit for the next 17 years, kinda like the monthly crib photos, only at Christmas time. He just looks so cute in his Chuck Taylor's, khakis, and blue button up! I agree it is kinda creepy...but still think it would be fun.)

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