Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 9 Months!

Well, here we are at 9 months! As you can see, he doesn't like to sit still. I couldn't get a picture of him sitting down this month... He is quite the crawler now. It is pretty comical to watch him step with his left foot and drag his right leg behind to catch up. He is into EVERYTHING. He has mastered pulling himself up into a standing position, and can even "cruise" (walk) while holding on to the furniture. His new favorite toys include anything with wheels that he can push around.

Trevor has now broadened his musical tastes to include classical as well as rock. He has even started moving and grooving to the music. He continues to be quite vocal, chattering away to anyone who will listen. He has even started waving and shaking his head to tell you "no" when he is finished eating or doesn't want something.

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