Saturday, May 15, 2010

2 Weeks Down

Well Trevor and I have survived his first two weeks at day care. After coming down with a cold just a mere two days after starting daycare, he spent last Wednesday at home with me, and Thursday with my mom. It was nice to be able to cuddle him when he wasn't feeling so hot. It was a lot to take in all at once: a new daycare without mom, having to use bottles to eat, coming down with a cold and pushing two teeth out. I am fortunate that the day care is only a two minute car ride from work. I am able to pop over and see/feed him on my lunch break. It makes my day go that much faster.

I surprisingly don't have trouble leaving him at daycare. Once my day starts at school I am so busy and overwhelmed. I don't have much time to miss him. It certainly feels like I have to start all over with my students to review routines and procedures, just like at the beginning of the school year. I need to build up our sense of community and teamwork. The end of the year can be so difficult. They know that school is coming to an end, and the excitement builds at an alarming speed. Let's just say that between school and Trevor, I am exhausted. It sure makes me appreciative of the time that I am able to spend with my Lovey.

Here are a few pictures I've been meaning to get up on here. The first is a picture of Trevor and his cousin Jackson in the bath after celebrating mommy's first Mother's Day. He just adores his big cousin! Trevor's new favorite trick is to grab the owl (that has Velcro attaching it to the arch around his bouncer), and the rip it off. He loves to grab and pull on it over, and over, and over, and over again, hollering his battle cry all the while. He has also tried out his new comfy high chair.

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