Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And so it starts...

Trevor went into Daycare today to meet his teachers and fellow babies of the Nursery. The director told me that bringing him in the week before he was to start was ultimately more for my benefit than his. I pulled up to the daycare and went to take Trevor out of the car, when I looked over to see the entire Toddler 2 class pressed against the window watching us. I heard my nephew shouting that "Baby Trevor" was there. He and one of the teachers came to open the door for me. What a nice greeting! I am happy that Trevor will have his cousin close by. I left him for a few hours while I went into school and ran a couple of errands. He did well, and only got a little fussy. He took a bottle when he was hungry enough, so I am feeling better about that. I was so excited to go and pick him up! I sure did miss my Lovey. Monday is gonna be a long day.

Here are some pictures of Trevor and his stuffed "Stella" the corgi dog. He likes to talk to her and chew on her face and feet. Sometimes the real Stella tries to play too.

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