Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trevor's First Date

Well, actually his first play date. Trevor and I were invited over to Claire and Aaron's house for lunch yesterday. They are friends we met through the birthing classes we took. In fact, Trevor met their adorable little girl while we were still in the hospital. Aubrey was born the day before Trevor, and they paid us a visit to our room while they were still at the hospital. Aubrey was very social, trying to talk to Trevor and get his attention by patting his arm. Trevor was a little shy around his new friend. He continued to show off his "serious" face for most of the afternoon. After a delicious lunch we went for a walk around Claire's neighborhood. Can you say out of shape? It looks like with the nice weather fast approaching, Trevor and I will be getting out more to get his mama in better shape!

It was great hanging out with another mom and little one. We had so much fun with the two of them. I can't wait to do it again. Thanks for the pictures Claire!

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